Mines and Minerals

Stepien Lake is a property law firm based in London’s West End. The firm has developed a specialisation in advising land and mineral owners on managing protecting and enhancing the value of their assets and providing  specialist technical and transactional advice to mining and quarrying companies.

Our focus for those involved with mines and minerals is on technical legal advice delivered with commercial understanding. Whether that involves issues around mineral rights and ownership, the impact on mineral by surface development, dealing with service infrastructure and mineral working such as the Mining Code effecting water, oil and gas pipes and electricity wayleaves , freehold and manorial rights acquisitions , prospecting agreements, options, acquisitions, leases, licenses, wayleave agreements  and other  transactions. Where necessary we offer litigation advice in protecting mineral assets and trespass to minerals as well as acquiring or resisting  statutory working rights and removing infrastructure preventing mineral working and manorial and similar rights.

We provide an experienced, knowledgeable and commercial  service in this specialist area of property law.

Our Clients

Our client base includes land and mineral owners, mining and quarrying businesses ranging from a national operator in the aggregates sector to a smaller operators in high PSV stone and critical minerals. We are also able to provide advice to national, regional and smaller law firms to assist in this specialist area with legal expertise and commercial experience.

Our Contacts

Mines and minerals is an area where close working between different professionals is vital. Our experienced lawyers have developed close working relationships with mineral surveyors and land agents, mining engineers, planning advisers, insurance service providers and brokers   and other professionals.  If and when appropriate we can arrange the necessary introductions.