Commercial Online is a bespoke online system and app that Stepien Lake has developed and designed to manage property transactions, portfolios, developments and investments.

Documents and updates can be accessed through a dedicated extranet site and a mobile app for all types of property transactions including an investment acquisition or a sale of multi-let portfolios of commercial property. Any users granted access to the extranet will be able to receive updates on any changes, search for documents, assign favourites, download all documents, generate an index of documents and personalise their view.

Document Banks

We create a site for each property and all documentation and data is uploaded to that site. Individual documents and comprehensive document banks can be accessed. Each property and unit within a property can have individual or multiple document banks (for example corporate, acquisition, development, tenancy or financing documentation) specific to them.

Document banks can be used to create buyer’s sales packs or prospective tenants’ packs. This significantly speeds up the delivery of information, responding to queries and the provision of a sale or letting. The site can also be used as a data or deals room when a property is sold or let.

The document banks can also be used to upload specification layouts, construction plans, development CGIs, reports, maps, marketing brochures and video presentations.

Online Status Report

An online status report can be produced and accessed online and through the app, where all key data is captured including transaction dates, property prices, tenant information and rental figures. Clients can access real time status reports which provide an up to date view of the progress of any ongoing transaction.


The site and app is fully secure and encrypted. There are various access levels available and access will only be granted to third parties with our client’s express authority. Subject to a client’s authorisation, it can be accessed by selling agents, prospective purchasers and tenants, investors, financers and any third party professional teams.


The system is simple, transparent and flexible. It handles large scale retail developments, one-off transactions and small mixed-use schemes. It is not just a legal tracking system, but is primarily used as a management site for property portfolios.

Commercial Online ensures we can speed up the deal process, manage property investments and sell them on, quickly, efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. We have an in-house team that can personalise and tailor it to meet your requirements.

The mobile app allows you to securely access documents and information at anytime from your mobile device. Whether you are in meetings or on the go the app allows you to share, search and download documents as well as view reports on your property portfolios and developments.